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Tommy Buarque De Macedo​ Scholarship Fund​​

The Walt Whitman Speech & Debate Team is honored to announce the establishment of a Scholarship Fund in memory of Whitman senior Tommy Buarque De Macedo, a highly successful debater who died in a tragic car accident on Feb. 27.  The Tommy Buarque De Macedo Scholarship Fund will assist students for whom cost is an impediment to competing in speech and debate tournaments.  Tommy was a passionate debater.  His family and teammates agree that a scholarship fund of this nature honors his spirit of competition and generosity.


Since its founding, the Walt Whitman High School Speech & Debate Team has inspired students to develop their skills as researchers, critical thinkers, and public speakers.  It has fostered a spirit of collaborative learning, competition, resilience, and mutual support not just within Whitman, but among participants across the country.  Over the years, the Whitman Speech & Debate Team has been enormously successful, winning numerous national tournament championships and gaining a reputation as one of the strongest teams in the country.


The benefits of participating in a high-quality speech and debate program in high school have been documented in Education WeekForbes, and many studies.  Unfortunately, the cost of competing in national tournaments can be prohibitive for many families.  As a result, talented and enthusiastic students are not able to participate at the level for which their skill and hard work has prepared them.  The Tommy Buarque De Macedo Scholarship Fund will help to ensure that all students with the preparation and drive to compete can do so. 


We hope that you will consider donating to the Tommy Buarque De Macedo Scholarship Fund for Speech & Debate. Please make out your check to the Walt Whitman Speech and Debate Team (memo line: Tommy’s Scholarship) and give it to Mr. O’Brien in C-238 or mail to:  Hali London,  6701 Rannoch Road, Bethesda, MD 20817.​