Apr 28
Results - Tournament of Champions April 24-27, 2015

Senior Sophia Caldera and Juniors Sam and Will Arnesen, Sam Wenger and Nathan Witkin, and David Whyman competed at the Tournament of Champions in Kentucky this weekend. Just to have qualified is a huge accomplishment for which they all should be congratulated!

In the biggest news of the weekend, Sam and Will Arnesen WON THE TOC FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!! What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations!!

Sophia and Whitman WW both finished with winning records, reaching the bubble round with a 4-2 record going into round 7.

Apr 02
Results - NSDA Districts March 28, 2015

Our NSDA District held nationals qualifiers on Saturday. Angie Ames qualified in Original Oratory and Sam and Will Arnesen qualified in PF. Congratulations!‚Äč

Mar 23
Results - Woodward March 20-22, 2015

This weekend, four first- and second-year LDers (Pearl Sun, Michael Hepburn, Camille Caldera, and Xavier Roberts-Gaal) and head coach Emily Massey traveled to Woodward Academy outside Atlanta, Georgia for the first- and second-year debater national championships.

Sophomore Xavier Roberts-Gaal was second speaker and reached semifinals in the second-year division!

Mar 17
Results - Congress Metrofinals 14-15, 2015

This weekend, the team attended WACFL Congress Metrofinals.

Emily Kaperst qualified to NCFLs, placing second in the Washington Diocese! Tommy Buarque de Macedo also reached the supersession--congratulations!

Mar 08
Results - LD Metrofinals March 7, 2015

Freshman Camille Caldera, sophomore Xavier Roberts-Gaal, and head coach Emily Massey headed out to Dominion High School yesterday for an all-day condensed Metrofinals tournament. Xavier placed fifth in the Washington diocese, qualifying to NCFLs, and Camille won an award for attending every LD WACFL this year! Congratulations to both!

Mar 02
Results - Speech Metrofinals February 28, 2015

Speech Metrofinals were this past Saturday, and we qualified more students to NCFL Nationals than we have in at least 5 years!

In Original Oratory, Zoe Berkovitz placed 2nd and Joelle Besch placed 6th in the final round. Angie Ames also qualified to NCFLs.

In Extemp, Bob George placed 6th in the final round, and Angie Ames and Natasha Brennan also qualified to NCFLs.

In Declamation, Valerie Akinyoyenu placed 4th and Iris Berendes-Dean placed 6th in the final round. Emma Rabley also qualified to NCFLs and Joelle Besch is the first alternate.

Finally, in Dramatic Performance, Thomas Montgomery qualified to NCFLs.

Feb 20
Results - Harvard February 14-17, 2015

The team had a great long weekend in Cambridge. It started about a week ago, when Sophia Caldera, Will Arnesen, Sam Arnesen, Rachel Baron and head coach Emily Massey arrived for the LD and PF round robins. Sophia and the Arnesen PF team each placed second in their very competitive pods. Sophia was also third speaker in the LD round robin.

The rest of the team arrived on Friday night. Though Sunday rounds were canceled due to a blizzard, the tournament managed to finish yesterday (minus some preliminary rounds). Our most exciting result came in PF, where the Arnesens won the whole tournament! Sam Wenger and Nathan Witkin also cleared and lost in double-octafinals.

In Congress, David Whyman reached semifinals and completed his qualification to the TOC!

In Speech, Zoe Berkowitz reached quarterfinals in Original Oratory.

In LD, Leora Korn was third speaker. Sophia Caldera reached double-octafinals and Leora and Nick Lorence reached triple-octafinals.

Finally, in JV LD, first year debaters Isabella Lorence and Pearl Sun both had an amazing weekend. After prelims, Isabella was eighth seed and Pearl was tenth speaker. Isabella reached triple-octofinals and Pearl reached octofinals, earning a famed Harvard bowl.

Jan 28
Results - Columbia January 24-25, 2015

Many of our speech competitors traveled to Columbia this weekend.

Valerie Akinkoyenu reached semifinals in declamation, and was the top-ranked competitor who didn't reach the final round. Zoe Berkovitz reached quarterfinals in both oral interpretation and dramatic performance, and Natasha Brennan reached quarterfinals in extemp. Congratulations!

Jan 20
Results - Lexington December 17-18, 2015

A group of LDers and PFers competed in Lexington, Massachusetts this weekend at the Big Lex tournament hosted by Lexington High School.

In PF, all four teams cleared! Sophomores John Young and Ellis London lost in the run-off round. The other three teams of juniors--Julia Gilman and Naba Khan, Sam Wenger and Nathan Witkin, and Trevor Lystad and Rian Adamian--lost in doubles.

In LD, junior Leora Korn and senior Sophia Caldera reached quarterfinals! This marked Leora's first bid ever. Sophia was second seed and ninth speaker with an undefeated prelims record; she earned her fifth bid this year in as many tournaments. Senior Sophie Palim had a winning record but just missed clearing on speaker points.

Dec 22
Results - Blake December 20-21, 2014

‚ÄčThis weekend was our last tournament of 2014! 7 LDers and 8 PF teams traveled to Minneapolis for the Blake tournament, held in the downtown Hyatt. Blake is an octos bid in PF and a quarters bid in LD.

In PF, seniors Matt Yang and Ben Titlebaum cleared to the run-off round. Senior Hannah Chenok and junior Sam Wenger made it to double-octafinals. Juniors Nathan Witkin and Julia Gilman advanced to quarterfinals, earning a bid to the TOC, and juniors Rian Adamian and Trevor Lystad made it all the way to finals! Sam and Nathan also participated in the PF round robin after the tournament.


In LD, junior Leora Korn, and seniors Nick Lorence and Sophie Palim all cleared to the run-off round. Senior Sophia Caldera was 3rd speaker and made it all the way to the final round! This was our second straight year with a finalist in LD (Daisy was in finals last year).

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